Hand Woven Rugs

Handcrafted Woven Alpaca Rugs

Our rugs are handcrafted by women of Carita’s Weaving Loft. The women are clients of the Human Services Center, a large community health center in western PA. The weaving loft is a unique cottage business located at Caritas, a 42 acre site that includes a personal care home for adults who have difficulty working outside the home.

This business offers employment opportunities to them. Your purchase of a rug supports a program that helps to pay their wages, enhances the self-worth of individuals and allows them to thrive in their community..

Each handcrafted rug is beautifully woven using our own natural color alpaca rug yarn. Each rug is unique and displays a product tag with the signature of the women who wove the rug. The rugs are durable and will add a touch of lasting natural beauty to your home for years to come.
Dry clean or spot clean with product safe on wools.

#127 – Brown and Black – 24W x 33L – $85.00


#128 – Grey Stripe – 25W x 28L – $70.00

#131 – Brown – 21W x 33L – $70.00


#132 – Purple and Grey – 24W x 32L – $85.00

#133- Brown and Grey – 30W x 42L – $140.00

#134 – Brown Stripes – 30W x 36L – $135.00



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