Felted Soaps

$7.50 each

Y Knot Alpacas Soap in a Sweater, a sanitary path to clean!

Preservative, dye and detergent free handcrafted vegetarian soaps.

Easily fits into the palm of your hand. No slip grip with our felted soaps.

No need for a washcloth or loufa sponge, just use the soap.

Alpaca fiber acts as a natural exfoliator and is hypo-allergenic.

The soap will not collect mold, mildew or bacteria making it more sanitary.

They make a great gift! Easy to carry to the gym, camping, etc. The fiber dries around the soap between uses, protecting your soap until you need it again. The fiber will shrink along with the soap. When the soap is all gone, cut open the “pouch” and use it. Great for coins or to protect your favorite jewelry.

Felted soap prolongs the usable life of your soap, saving you money.

Custom Gift Baskets are available upon request. Please contact us for details.

All felting done exclusively with soap by “A Natural Alternative”. View the website at
www.a-natural-alternative.com  to view more soap choices not currently listed on our drop down menu. We felt orders for any soaps listed on that website. Place your SPECIAL ORDER by email, yknotfarm@aol.com or phone, 484-553-6844. Thank you.

Choose from a selection of fragrances. All smell wonderful!

Soap Scents

Soap Dish – $5.00

  • 3.25 x 3.25 – Made in USA – made specially for round soaps

Y Knot Alpacas Soap in a Sweater, a sanitary path to clean!

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