Dryer Pals

Y Knot’s Paca Dryer Pals™ • 2 Pals/Pack $15

Man made dryer sheets are coated with harmful chemicals and artificial odors that coat your clothing. When you perspire, those chemicals soak into your skin faster while wearing them. Have you ever picked up a box and read what those sheets contain?

When you can’t hang your clothes out to dry in the fresh air and have to use your dryer, Paca Dryer Pals are a Natural alternative to dryer sheets!  Unlike man-made dryer sheets, the only thing our Dryer Pals contain is Alpaca!


  • Save you MONEY
  • Are a healthier alternative to dryer sheets, they are hypo-allergenic and contain no chemicals or articicial odors.
  • Dryer Pals are re-usable, this reduces waste. They can last for a LONG TIME. Unlike a dryer sheet that is used once and tossed in the garbage.
  • Reduce static cling, reduce wrinkling  and soften your clothes as they tumble,  NATURALLY!

Each handcrafted Dryer Pal is 100% alpaca and comes in natural colors. I recommend at least  2 or more pals/dryer load. For those of you serious about saving money,  the more pals you use you can actually reduce drying times which can save you money on your electric bill.

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